Matria is born. Hands, head, heart, care.

Matria is a collector of stories, places, people, objects.
Every thing a tale, every tale a message.
She is a diary of wonders, an idea of the world.
She believes in the evocative power of objects that create memories and awaken the unconscious, new archetypes.

Matria sows beautiful, rare, magical things.
She found them, sometimes they found her: during a trip, on the floor, in the drawer at home or inspired by a vague memory.

The four virtues of Matria:

Protection and preservation of crafts, the intelligence of the hands

Fair Trade

Support for women’s work, women’s empowerment

Sustainability and respect for the environment

Each object offered by Matria matches at least one of these values, that become fertile land to be cultivated together.

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