Fair Trade

Fair trade aims to ensure better living conditions for producers in developing countries. Imagine a world in which all producers can live and work in a safe and sustainable way, realise their potential and decide their future. The aspiration is to transform global trade by promoting fairer trading conditions. Choosing Filliere Certificate Fairtrade implies an impact not only on the reference communities of producers in developing countries, but on their consumers.

The main standards guaranteed by Fair Trade are:

Minimum transparent price, covering the costs of sustainable production;
An additional Fairtrade contribution, to be invested in social and economic development projects;
The prohibition of the use and exploitation of child labour;
Pre-financing for production and long-term business relations;
Environmental and health-friendly farming practices;
An additional recognition for the transition to organic farming.

Matria cares about these values, and takes them into account as much as possible when choosing producers.