vat included  270La Presuntuosa – Blanket from Taranta Peligna

Historically hand-woven by artisans in Taranta Peligna, the blankets went into large-scale production with the industrial revolution, when the first wool mills began to spread in the Aventine territory.
The Paradise blanket or La Presuntuosa Abruzzese is distinguished by the angels, a distinctive element of blankets from Taranta Peligna. The last mill that produces them must be supported, they are beautiful!
The famous Abruzzese blanket emerged in the 19th century, and was once an indispensable wardrobe item for most families in the region. These are heavy and colourful woollen blankets, without "obverse” or “reverse" sides, so able to be used on both sides, bordered by beautiful coloured fringes and decorated with floral or geometric motifs that recall the cultural exchanges with the weavers of Pescocostanzo, where in the seventeenth century the Turks exported the art of the Middle Eastern carpet.


(Italiano) MATERIALE 100% pura lana vergine

MISURA cm 230×240 frange escluse

TEMPI DI CONSEGNA 15 gg lavorativi

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