vat included  570Head of “Moro” from Caltagirone – Sicily

This head of Caltagirone is an element of tradition that stands out for its fairy-tale origin. It is said that around the year 1100, the period of Arab domination in Sicily, at Kalsa, an ancient quarter of the city of Palermo, lived a beautiful girl. The girl spent her days almost exclusively at home, taking care of the plants that adorned her balcony. One day, passing through the Kalsa, a young Moor saw the beautiful girl watering her flowers, and immediately fell in love with her. He decided he wanted her all to himself and, without delay, entered the girl’s house to declare his love.
The girl, struck by that daring and intense feeling, reciprocated the love of the young Moor, but when she knew that he would soon leave her and return to his lands in the East, where his wife and children awaited her, she took advantage of the night and killed him while he lay asleep. The girl cut off his head, and with it she made a vase where she planted a basil plant. Finally she put it on display outside on the balcony, so that the man would stay with her forever.
The basil grew luxuriant, thanks to the tears that the girl shed there daily, however, arousing the envy of all the inhabitants of the neighborhood who, not to be outdone, they built terracotta pots in the shape of a dark brown head.
So we looked for the craftsman who best represented this wonderful tradition, and who would make a unique and impressive piece to bring some of the scent of Kalsa and the strong feelings of this legend in every house. We can also distinguish the pomegranates present on the headdress of the ”Moro”, another typical element of Sicilian ceramics.


Hand-modeled and hand-painted ceramics.

Measurements: height 58 x diameter about 30 cm

Shipping 30 working days

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