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Pumo from Grottaglie
The term pumo comes from the Latin pomum, meaning fruit, and refers to the cult of the goddess Pomona, an ancient Roman divinity linked to fruit, olives and vines. In some Apulian dialects, these decorations are referred to as Pumo dè fiure, meaning flower bud.
The shape of the ceramic pumo is similar to that of buds that are about to open. The pumo is a symbol of prosperity and fertility, of immortality and resurrection. In southern popular culture it also has an apotropaic function, a good omen and protection from evil.
These meanings, with roots above all in Apulian culture, explain the extensive presence of these objects on building facades. Because according to tradition the pumo serves to drive away evil and bring good luck from outside the house. The more complex the decoration of the pumo the greater the wealth of the home and the prosperity that the family possesses or hopes to obtain.

 15 32

Glazed or painted terracotta
DELIVERY TIME 40 working days- If already in the warehouse 20 days

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