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The vummile is the ancestor of the water bottle. The etymology refers to the Latin adjective “humilis” from which comes “humile”: small, poor of little value. Lu vummìle is a terracotta container used to keep water cool. The farmers would take it to the countryside to quench their thirst during the workday. The water would be drawn by the peasants from the public fountains located along the streets of the town and the vummile, with its narrow neck and wide base, would keep it cool for a long time.
Water, exuding naturally through the porosity of terracotta (when unglazed) and the consequent evaporation, determines the lowering of the temperature. The water is cold not because lu vummile preserves its temperature, but because it is able to lower it, especially if it is kept cool and in a ventilated place. Some people will recall seeing lu vummile hanging from a branch among the branches of an olive tree.
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 38 115

Enamelled majolica


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