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Baunei is in the Supramonte, and is traditionally a village of goatherds who now live in difficulty.
One of the projects of the inhabitants and the municipality is to try to keep alive the heritage of the juniper roofed sheepfolds, the so-called “coiles de crabas”. In the Supramonte generations of goatherds have followed one another, protecting nature and offering it to the new generations still intact and with the remarkable traces of their work on a territory that is as spectacular as it is inhospitable. By now there are only a few goatherds that continue the profession, but they are the true experts of the Supramonte, they preserve and pass on the memory and daily gestures of an experience of life that is centuries old.

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The goats are handmade by a ceramic artisan in Baunei. They are unique and rare pieces, made only by him.

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