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Abruzzo’s jewellery has a unique cultural matrix that has its roots in ancient times: it is in fact linked to the spread of pastoralism that, from the seventeenth century onwards, moving across the great routes to southern Italy, led to the realization of a substantial heritage from breeding and the flock trade.
Achieving a status of wealth soon led to the desire to flaunt it through the display of “luxury” objects. So began the goldsmith craftsmanship of Abruzzo’s various communities.
13 is a traditional piece of jewellery that takes its name from the central medallion which represents the number. It is a versatile amulet that belongs to the jewellery pieces that are given to newborns. The pendants, usually thirteen, protect and help, each with a precise function, they keep diseases away, “distract” the evil eye.


925 Silver and coral
Measurements 7×5cm
Weight 20 gr
DELIVERY TIME 30 working days

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